Internet has become a necessity for everyone in the modern world. People don’t get to make a choice when it comes to whether they should use or avoid the internet. It is something like an imminent entity that lies in the way of success. The validity of this statement lies in the fact that people equates the internet to the world. That title pretty much explains how big the span of internet is. 

All in all, it would not be wrong to call internet as a revolutionary invention. Why shouldn’t it be? People get to learn almost anything from the internet in the comfort of their homes. They don’t have to get up and invest a lot of time and effort to learn new skills. People do online transactions, video calling their loved ones from thousands of miles, saving their data on online cloud storage, using social media to interact with people from different nationalities and a lot more things that were never imagined before the invention of internet.

Internet Security Concerns

The universe is following a rule of good and bad since it came into existence. It is imperative that every good thing has a dark side and so does the internet.  With so much important data online, hackers are tempted to this data bank that can be exploited for so many purposes. Imagine, the website of CIA or Pentagon being hacked and such sensitive information being exposed can cause a situation of huge anarchy and chaos. This privacy breach also affects individuals. 

There are many incidents reported where some Facebook or Twitter accounts were hacked and users are blackmailed. The banks also store data online and hence when it comes to banks, it is not only the money that’s at stake but it is the life savings of people who burnt the midnight oil to make this money.

How Proxy Servers Work

The proxy servers come as a hero in the city of crime – an innovation so great that it saved the day every day in the world of internet. The proxy servers served as a multi-purpose service that benefited a lot of people all over the world.

Let’s take a look into how the proxy servers work and what service they actually provided to the masses.

Every internet user has an IP address that gives their computer a unique identity on the internet. The web pages contain information that people want to access. When a user clicks to open a webpage, a request is generated from the user’s IP address and sent to the website. The website then responds to the request and allows access to the user. When the request is being sent, all the information of the user is open and exposed. 

This is what hackers can exploit. Therefore, the proxy servers ruled out the probability of data theft in this regard. They encrypted the user data between the client and user so that only two parties (User and client) have access to the data. The proxy servers also disguise the IP address of the user as an IP address of a different server at different location. So a person can disguise their location.

Proxies for Social Media

Some algorithms on the internet do not allow more than one computer to be onboard at some sites. This means a person can work with only one profile i.e. social media campaigns etc. For an effective social media campaign, more than one accounts would be needed. This was only made possible with the help of proxy servers. All they had to do is pay for some proxy service and they would get access to many IP addresses that could be used to handle more than one social media accounts. 

In this way they could design an effective social media campaign or also get a push start by adding followers or likes to their social media profile.

Unblock Content with Proxies

Some websites are of much use to people but the authorities have still blocked the content. Proxy servers are also useful in this case. All you need to do is connect to a proxy server and it would unblock that website for you.

Nothing could ever replace power as the top attribute of the human species. Practice of power has been seen and still would be seen in our lives, and when power is practiced, just and unjust are seldom kept into consideration. Some countries have blocked specific content that violates the rules and regulations of that country. Let’s not get into the debate that whether that content actually violates the rules or not. One can simply use a proxy server to change his/her location and unblock that country specific content.

As discussed earlier, that a proxy server provides us with some other IP address that we can use to surf the internet and much more. This means one can hide their identity online because they will be using a different IP address. They will be surfing anonymously and safe from all the hackers online.

Proxy Internet Explorer

Proxy servers are easy to use these days. You can simply add them in your browsers to continue safe and secure search. The Internet Explorer gives option to the users to add a proxy server to the browser. It can simply be added by clicking at the settings tab. It opens a menu where you click internet options and then click on connections in the toolbar. 

How to Add Proxy into Internet Explorer

The window will have LAN settings option. Clicking the LAN settings will open up another window. Tick the box that says “use proxy server” and add the IP address and port number in the boxes below it. This is how simple it is to add a proxy to Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer Proxy Add-ons

Search provider add-ons are the ones that generate search results for you. The search provider often uses proxy servers because sometimes the search results have to be unblocked. Therefore this add-on uses proxies.

There is another add-on that uses proxy for its functionality. It’s the AnyWHERE extension. It helps you disguise your location and you can surf the web with a virtual address.

The security plug-ins on Internet Explorer also use proxies to ensure that the user stays secure. It encrypts all the data being sent and received.

The add-ons that help you download videos from the internet such as IDM or some other ones are also using proxies. Some content is blocked and cannot be downloaded so they use proxy servers. All in all, the proxy Internet Explorer uses serves a multi-purpose output and it totally depends upon the user on how to use it.

So this fact is pretty much established that proxy servers are a major part of the life on the internet. The proxy servers on Internet Explorer are to be chosen carefully. This is because of a simple fact that the things that are to be used a lot have to be chosen with great care. Safe browsing is the right of every person who uses the internet. The Internet Explorer web proxy services are the ones that are critical, so they must be chosen with great care.

Different Types of Proxies

There are three types of proxy servers based on the pricing and quality of service they provide: 

Free Proxy Servers

The free proxy servers are the ones that are available to everyone. These servers are a click away for every person who has internet. With thousands of people using the server simultaneously, the load is often beyond the capacity of that server and hence it slows down. Moreover when a lot of random people are using a server, they can get a lot of websites banned from that particular server. This can happen when a lot of requests are made from one IP address

Violating the rules of a particular website can also result in a ban. Free proxy is the same as a free motel that anyone can go and live in. Now just imagine how dirty that place would be. Not because of the people but because free things are not valued that much. Free proxy servers also increase the chance of digital theft or hacking because when everyone has access to the server, there is no account of people using that server. 

Therefore it can be anyone using the server and people would have no idea with whom are they sharing it with.

Shared Proxy Servers

The shared proxy server is a better one than free proxy servers because of a couple of reasons. The first one lies in the fact that people have to pay for it, hence the number of people using the server decreases. This lowers the burden on server and increases the speed to some extent but shared proxy server also has some problems that make it a second option. When a group of people are sharing a server, and even if one of them does something illegal or shady, all the people using that server would face the music. This downside of the server is a huge one in correspondence to all the benefits. 

Imagine not being able to visit the website, for which you bought the proxy server, and that too because someone else violated the rules. This really feels bad when we not only have to face the ban from website but also get our money wasted.

Private Proxy Servers

The best proxy solution is the dedicated or private proxies. These are the high quality proxy servers that are dedicated for a single person and nobody has any right to share that server. These might be a little costly but the benefits are totally worth it. You would have a whole server dedicated for your work. This means no wastage of time, no slow speeds and you won’t have to face bans from websites because someone else violated the rules. 

Peace of mind isn’t it? There should be nothing other than peace of mind on the top of priority list. It not only relieves us but also enhances our performance. So whatever business or work we’re doing would get done in a better way.


On the internet, safer browsing can change a lot of things for you. I should rather say, it would make things easier for you and eliminate all the unforeseen circumstances that you might have to face. Internet Explorer is one of the oldest browsers and the timely updates have made this browser stand at par with others. The best way to use a proxy server is to get it integrated with the browser as explained earlier. In this way you’ll be covered from all sides. 

This happens because when you integrate a proxy in the browser, everything you write in the search bar would be sending the address of the proxy server you bought. All you have to do is enter the proxy address for Internet Explorer in the proxy settings menu and tick the box below it.

Importance of Proxies

The importance of choosing the right proxy server lies in the multiple uses of a proxy server. Such a multipurpose thing has to be chosen carefully and money should be invested on such things. These kinds of investments pay a nice interest. It is our choices that decides the outcome. Whenever we start a business or any kind of work, thorough research becomes our utmost responsibility. 

In case of proxy servers, one should keep in mind the same principle of research.

The pathway to success is discipline and dedication. By making proper choices and analyzing the best service providers in the market we can stand out from all of our competitors. When we stand out that’s when people come to know about our service and then they use it. It takes sometimes to develop their confidence and that is when your product or service gets virally successful.