A proxy server is an intermediary between the user and the internet. Using a good quality proxy server ensures better security and safety to your network connection. People use proxies for various purposes.

Your objective behind using the proxy could be to maintain anonymity or to gain access to a particular website that is blocked in your location or region. This post is all about how you can browse anonymously on Opera and the different benefits you get by browsing anonymously.

Why Do People Use Proxies?

If you have never used any type of proxy before, you may be wondering  why people actually use proxies. Proxy servers help people achieve their goals differently. Here are some reasons why people use proxies:

  1. To hide identity

One of the major reasons why people use various types of proxies is to hide their identity. By not using any proxy, you are not keeping your identity secure. It means your network provider can see your activities. So if you want to browse Opera by hiding your identity, you need to get an Opera proxy server.

  1. Unblock content

Some websites or website contents are blocked and are inaccessible in certain regions or locations. Sometimes, they are blocked by network providers due to Government restrictions. In such cases, you need the help of a good proxy. With the help of a good-quality Opera proxy, you can unblock the content of the website you want to access and also maintain anonymity.

  1. Bypass country-specific content

Some countries have restrictions on certain websites or content of those websites. This is when the role of the proxy server comes in. If you are facing such an issue and you want to bypass the country-specific content, then you can use quality proxies like Opera browser proxy.

  1. Faster speed

Using the proxy server is a great way to increase the speed of the network connection. The important thing to keep in mind is using a better proxy. The use of poor-quality or free proxy will result in poor connection speed.

Opera Proxy Module

If you are planning to use the Opera browser proxy, you need to understand the complete process for configuration. Here are the steps on how to add and use a proxy on Opera:

STEP 1: Here we will discuss all the steps on the Opera browser so first of all, open your Opera browser.

STEP 2: Then you need to click on Opera Menu. You will find the Menu in the corner of your browser window. After clicking on the Opera Menu, you need to go to Settings.

STEP 3: Under the Settings, you will find two options: Basic and Advanced. There you need to click on the Advanced option and under the drop-down list, you need to click on the Browser option.

STEP 4: After that, scroll down and find the System section. Then click on the button: Open proxy settings.

STEP 5: After you will open proxy settings, a new window will pop up. There click on Connections and click on the LAN Settings.

STEP 6: Then, another new window will pop up. Under that, you need to check the box with the text: Use a proxy server for your LAN. Under the Address option, you need to enter your proxy server address.

STEP 7: Under the Port, you need to enter 80. And, make sure you don’t check the box with the text: Bypass proxy server for local addresses. Now, press the enter button for both the windows.

STEP 8: After the completion of this process, when you will try to access any site, you will be asked to enter the Username and Password. There you need to enter the username and password of your proxy server.

Opera Proxy Addons

You will find different addons for Opera proxy. Here is the list of some Opera proxy addons:

Opera Proxy Switcher & Manager Extension

Opera Proxy Switcher & Manager is a proxy extension for Opera. It is fast, reliable, and easy. Using this proxy server, you can browse by keeping your identity secret and maintaining anonymity. If you are worried about your online privacy, there’s nothing to worry about using this extension. This proxy server is easy to use and using this, you can keep your IP address and location secret.

Opera Simple Proxy Extension

Another proxy server extension on our list is Simple Proxy extension. This is simple and easy to use the proxy. With the use of this proxy, you can maintain security and safety. It helps to secure browsing, privacy protection, internet security, and identity protection. Apart from this, it also provides better speed and experience to the user.

Opera Proxy Finder (IP Switcher) Extension

Another example of Opera proxy addons is Opera Proxy Finder (IP Switcher) extension. With the help of this add on by Proxy Finder (IP Switcher) extension, you can gain access to the websites that are blocked in your region or location. This quality proxy server ensures better browsing experience in Opera. Speed is a crucial factor. Talking about the speed of proxy service, it is of amazing quality. 

Depending on your usage and requirements, you can choose from a free or paid plan.

Importance of Using High-Quality Private Proxies For Opera

If you are working on an important project, you should use a high-quality proxy. When it comes to proxies for Opera browsing, you can choose from the free proxy, shared proxy, and private proxy. Here are some reasons why you should use high-quality private proxies for Opera:


Security is an important factor for everyone. If you want the security of your connection, you need to opt for a private proxy rather than a free proxy. With a quality proxy, no one can check out your activities.


Another great advantage is maintaining anonymity. A good quality proxy helps to maintain anonymity and keep your identity secret.

Connection speed

If you don’t want to get fluctuating or poor connection speed, make sure you use a high-quality proxy for Opera browsing like Opera turbo proxy.

Paid vs Free Opera Proxies

People often get confused about whether they should go with a paid proxy or free proxy. Both of them have their own pros and cons. Let’s talk about both:

Paid Opera Proxy

Paid proxies include shared proxy and private proxy. Whether you should opt for a private or shared proxy is high based on your usage and budget. Paid proxies provide better results than that of free proxies. By paying money for the proxy service, you can get better performance, better experience, great connection speed, and security.

Under shared proxy, you share the service with a few other users and under private proxy, you don’t share the service with other users. Though private or dedicated proxies provide great performance, they are very costly as compared to shared Opera proxies.

Free Opera Proxy

For people who don’t want to spend money or don’t have the budget for proxies, they can consider getting free proxies. Before getting a free proxy, keep in mind that it has so many downsides. By using the free proxy for an important project, you are putting the security at risk.

Whenever a company does not charge any money for its service, it means its consumers are its product. The same goes for the free proxy. With the use of paid proxies like shared and private, you don’t just get security, but also get great overall experience.

So here we have discussed everything about how to browse anonymously on Opera and the importance of getting a good quality Opera proxy.