The invention of internet revolutionized the world as it opened new paradigms of almost every aspect of life. It altered every aspect of life and hence could not go unnoticed. People were so amazed at this invention that they were awed. The introduction of the internet was really something big. Never had anyone imagined that they would be able to video call their loved ones from a distance of thousands of miles. 

Neither did they imagined having a map of the whole world in their cell phones. This was something really impressive. One of the biggest changes that internet brought was access to every kind of skill learning online. People started making videos of everything they knew and posted it on the internet. 

Internet Revolution

It is perhaps the best part of the internet. This is what a revolution is. An online institution that has no physical presence and is all codes and algorithms but still it continues to affect so many lives positively. People benefited themselves from it. Talent got acknowledgement through internet. 

Never did anyone cared whether there’s some exceptional artist living in the ruins of Palestine or an amazing photographer living in some third world country. Before the internet, life was close to what we call unfair. All a startup owner could think of was expanding his business to some other town or maybe city. Things stayed Intra-city. Span of every human activity was very limited and so was the growth. Growth is subjective though. People seldom imagined things that we consider normal today. 

Rise of Social Media and AI

An online shop, YouTube, AI and Siri are the giant revolutions whose importance can only be understood if they disappear for some days. All in all internet came in like a wrecking ball and destroyed all the orthodox and limited beliefs and hope of people. It showed them the horizons of new world. The online world.

It was not long after the internet started being referred to as an alternate world. A world of both good and evil. The proportion might not be the same but the recipe contains both of them. The internet was no exception. As people started shifting their life, their assets, their business, the banks introduced digital currency and cloud storages were introduced, the evil side of the world started giving a vehement demonstration of its presence. 

Internet Security Risks

The only difference was thieves started being called hackers and robberies were referred to as digital thefts. With so much of data online, hackers could see a great opportunity of blackmailing people and sabotaged their privacies. The private lives of people held them hostage by the hackers. The situation worsened when the hackers started targeting the intelligence agencies and law regulating authorities. The governments and bureaucrats all were deep into the ocean of internet. 

It was too late to back off because almost every record was online. After all, the temptation was really worth it. The idea of storing things online was something that seeped into every mind. The change was all over the place.

Something had to be done to get rid of these hackers and everyone started working on how to solve this issue. People started making their websites and online systems more secure. Everyone presented their own solution. Proxy servers were the solution that was standing out. It was because of the effective technique used in the proxy servers.

How Internet Works

The user of internet when requests to access a webpage, has to send a request that carries the information of the user such as IP address. The websites accepts the request and sends back the requested data along with it. This all transfer of data is not encrypted and is open and accessible to the rest of the world. This is where hackers started messing up with the internet users information. The proxy servers were an effective solution to this issue as these servers encrypted the data between user and the client. 

In this way no one else could have access to the data being transferred. Another thing that proxy server provided was online anonymity and secure browsing. People could sign up for proxy servers and every browsing activity was done with the IP address of the proxy server. This acted as a shield to the actual user’s IP address. Sometimes the proxy server was in some other area and it disguised the user’s location i.e. the user would be in USA and proxy server would show Germany as the location because the proxy server is located in Germany.

How Proxy Servers Work

These traits of a proxy server are being used effectively today and it produces great results. These are life hacks for the people on the internet. A proxy server lets one access the content that is blocked within their country due to many different reasons. Anyhow, if they need the content or want to view every aspect of a particular topic, (as in research) they can simply use proxy servers to unblock the content blocked in their country.

People use social media for marketing of their business or a service they’re providing. One account is often not sufficient to generate a huge campaign and target multi-national audience. So this is where proxy servers jump in. They not only help the user to target international customers but also lets them handle multiple accounts at once. This way they can easily create an impactful social media marketing campaign.

People also use proxies for gaming as some games are banned in some regions. However, this ban could not keep them from doing what they like and hence they use the proxy servers to play the games they like. They can also hide their identities to keep safe from threats online.

All of the things mentioned made it clear that proxy services are being used by people all across the globe and for various purposes.

Chromium Browser

Chromium browser is widely used due to its flawless performance and high speed. However, you can also integrate proxies onto your Chromium browser. The Chromium proxy can be added easily in some steps. After going into the browser settings, click the “Advanced” and then “System”. There you’ll find “change proxy settings”. 

Now all you have to do is add the details i.e. IP address and port number of the proxy server and you are ready to use the proxy server.

Chromium Proxy

There are some add-ons of Chromium browser that uses Chromium proxy to function. Privacy Badger is one of those. It cloaks your IP address and your does not let your digital footprint on the internet.  HTTPS Everywhere is also an add-on of the Chromium browser. Once integrated into the browser it acts as a Chromium proxy server because you no longer need to get some other proxy connected. 

Chromium Proxy Add-ons

All of your searched would be safe and secure. Another example is the Keywords Everywhere add-on. It is basically a keyword research tool but it often uses proxy to find country specific keywords.

The proxy Chromium or any other browser uses are of three main kinds based on the quality and cost. You must be wondering everything we buy depends on the aforementioned aspects but there is more to it when it comes to proxies.

Free Chromium Proxy

There are proxy servers that are free for all. These are the ones that anyone can access from the internet. They are free from any kind of discrimination. This makes them available for everyone. It must sound nice of them who made this free for people. 

The dark side of free proxy is a really crowded and slow server. It is evident from its name. Now who would want to waste time to save some bucks? Time is precious. Of course no one would do that unless they’re planning to achieve something big in life. 

Apart from wastage of time, the free proxy servers are so exposed that they are prone to hacking. When anyone can access them, it can be anyone. The hackers too.

Shared Chromium Proxy

The second type of proxy servers are the shared proxy servers. They are somehow of better quality and performance than the free proxy servers and that too because they come with a cost. Yes, the shared proxy servers, as the name suggests, are shared among a group of people who paid for the server. The speeds are better here but the problem still exists. When a server is shared between people, one of them might do something that violates a website’s rules and get the server blocked from that website. 

Now this is when you have to pay for what others did. These situations really challenge the peace of mind and therefore decrease the productivity of user. It can lead to other problems as well.

Dedicated Chromium Proxy Servers

The third type of proxy servers are dedicated proxy servers. As the name suggest, they are solely dedicated for one user or organization. They are faster in speed due to its dedicated only nature. This really comes with great benefits.

Private proxies are going to provide the most secure and efficient way to work. A private server with no issues that might act as barriers in your work is often said to be a blessing. The choice of a proxy provider should be made wisely. One should keep in view all the market rates and compare the customer reviews. When the reviews are viewed in correspondence to the price of that thing, a lot can be judged about a brand. 

Long payment plans should be avoided at first. You should pay for a week or less so you can check and have a trial version of the server. It can save you from any scammers or poor service providers.

Chromium Proxy Integration

Moreover, a proxy server integrated into browser is the best and safest way to surf. The Chromium proxy settings make it very easy to integrate a Chromium proxy server. Therefore providing a safe and secure search for the user. A browser proxy is said to be safer as it’s like a built in security system. You won’t have to worry about whether the proxy is working or not because it’s installed. 

If it stops it notifies and addresses the issue itself. Otherwise it will let you know that you’re disconnected from the proxy server. The add-ons also work properly and efficiently when the Chromium proxy server is being used.

The choice of proxy server matters a lot in any kind of work. This is because of the reasons mentioned before. When you keep all the things into consideration and invest time and energy into getting proxy server. You will get the best results without a doubt. There are some other factors that decide whether or not a business will be successful but here we are talking about proxy servers in specific.

The reputation of a server should be checked before making any payments. Secondly the server might be blocked from the list of websites that you aim to work with. This could result in all of your money being wasted. Therefore a free trial or a weekly probation period should be taken before finalizing a server. The Chromium proxy server is the best solution to all your proxy related tasks.


Never is success going to come to the one who does things to achieve mediocre results. Your preparation should not be mediocre, your target should not be mediocre. This is because mediocrity is addictive. It makes a person feel safe and hence he starts liking that environment. If you ever want to achieve something big, you will have to put something big at stake too. 

This is how things work in reality. All the big achievers are the ones who had a lot at risk but their heart and mind were so aligned towards a goal that they succeeded. The recipe is everywhere, the chef is the one who decides these days.