Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. We just can’t live without them. It is not like we can’t survive without it, but their importance can’t be denied. Almost like a part of our body.

Steve Jobs dreamt of this, that mobile phones would be an extended part of us. And, see around you now. We are living and flourishing in a world, he dreamt of. I really admire Steve Jobs, not just because of Apple, but about having such a simple perspective about life. 

People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

And he certainly did. But today, we are focusing on his dream, more than him. We already know how awesome having a mobile phone is, so it is a redundant conversation. Today, we will talk about how to enrich our mobile experience by using a mobile proxy.

There are so many mobile proxy sites in the market, our aim is not to endorse any particular proxy provider service, instead, we want to establish the importance of mobile proxies. Not only mobile proxies are enriching for personal mobile applications, but they are also great for business tasks which require mobile devices, such as logistics, digital marketing, etc.

OS for Mobile Phones

Now, when we are talking about mobile phones, how can we ignore their operating systems? Well, there are only two widely used operating systems right now – Android and iOS. Microsoft / NOKIA tried to do things with a mobile operating system but didn’t do great.

We will yet to see how new operating systems will change the way we use mobile in the future. And mobile proxies are certainly going to be a part of this revolution. There are tons of mobile phone proxy server providers on the App Store and Play store of IOS and Android, respectively.

Organizations like Salesforce give their employees the latest Apple products because they understand the benefit of making their employees technologically advance. Though it isn’t necessarily the same to all other businesses, as some businesses around the world are running inefficiently, this all is going to change.

Talking about the environment, trees grow slower than they are cut. And, we can’t afford to lose them, because there is no other way to live for us, we cannot live without trees. Hence, things are going paperless, digital. And mobile phones play a big part of this revolution.

It is the future. Now, when we are more dependent on mobile devices to do most of our business communication, it is a wiser idea to use mobile proxy sites.

But, when we are making that decision that we are going to buy a proxy, it is very important to know what all is available in the market. And, what are the limitations and good points about each of them?

Types of Mobile Phone Proxy

We cannot really tell which is the best mobile proxy, because there is nothing good and bad in using any proxy. It all depends on the reason why we are buying them. If it is not important there is no reason to spend money on proxies.

Shared / Free Mobile Proxy

We can certainly use them to stream videos online. Or maybe to download some censored content. Although they are categorized as “free”, do remember that there is no free lunch in this world. Some of these free services may also compromise your security as they would get your information and sell them online.

Private Mobile Proxy

Dedicated and private mobile proxy servers. When we are accessing our important emails, our mobile IPs are visible. Thus the need to use private proxies. This way, we are not exposing ourselves to all the vulnerabilities of the internet.

Hackers will not only focus on the big companies. They will also target our mobile phones. Unknowingly we have so much of our personal life on random servers of google and apple. 

We don’t know the criticality of the statement above, till now. But, with higher penetration of technology in our daily life, we need to make sure that we are safe. And, if the information on our mobile is important enough, we can’t afford to compromise.

Benefits of Private Proxies

Private proxies will act as a layer of protection between our mobile and the rest of the internet. Everything coming to our devices will be going through it and vice versa. Now, the great thing is, that if someone tries to find our IP address, only the IP address of the proxy server will be visible.

Yes, awareness of the benefits of mobile proxies is not that great right now. Because we are just running, since everything is going great. It is always wise to keep the foundation strong and secure.

Soon, everything including our laptops, ear pods, watch, shoes, shirt, trousers, or maybe undergarments too would be connected to our mobile. Are we sure we want to be vulnerable?

I know, we both know the right answer.           

How to Use Proxies with Mobile Phones?

It is very easy to use mobile proxies. We can search across the internet and hundreds of articles on how to configure proxies. If you promise that you won’t leave this article and run, I can also share a URL.

My aim is to introduce you to this perspective, that proxies are really important, we can’t ignore them even at the mobile device level. Large businesses are run on a network of proxies.

Since stakes are really high, they just can’t ignore the proxies. Mobile proxies make the network more secure, and hardware faster. I mean it’s not that proxies will be added as hardware to boost the performance.

But, mobile proxy servers’ cache most of the traffic, the route we usually go to on the internet, is cached for us, which makes this working faster. It is like going to the cupboard and get the file as compared to taking out a file from our desk drawer.

Which one is faster? Drawers, right? It is closer. Similarly, when we look for a website or use mobile applications, we need to connect to the network of another entity to load all the details. With proxies we would need much less from them, we will cache much of it on mobile proxy servers.

Technology is a forward-looking thing. It is expanding. We should buckle up.