Do you want the best Android proxy but do not know where to find it? Do you want to safely and anonymously browse online using your Android phone?  Is it getting hard for you to select a reliable Android proxy? 

Well, you are not the only one dealing with this problem.  Many people are looking for ways to spend safe and secure browsing time but they do not know how to make it possible. Do not worry because here we have everything you need to know about proxy and how to use it for your Android phone.

Benefits of Using Proxies

A common question people have before installation of Android proxy server is whether it will be beneficial for them or not. 

Here are some interesting benefits you can get.

1) You will Get Access to the Free Web

  • It means your IP address will be hidden from government agencies of countries around the world. 
  • It means you can access games, TV shows, movies and content from anywhere around the world with the click of a button.

2) The Best Benefit of Android Proxy is that Your Browsing History will Remain Hidden.

  • No one will be able to access your history using your IP address. 
  • It will protect you from hackers and scammers.

3) You will be Surprised to Know that Proxies can also be Used for Gaming and Management of Social Media Accounts.

  • You can change your location using a proxy and play your favorite games that are not accessible in your region.

Step by Step guide to add proxy to Android

Here we have a step by step guide on how to add proxy server for Android phones

Step 1: Change settings

Open the setting on your device and click on Internet and Network > Mobile Network > Advanced > Access Point Names > APN (you are currently using)

Step 2: Add Proxy

Access the proxy server of your Android and select the new IP for your phone. 

Here enter username and password of your VPN

Save your new settings.

Step 3: Open browser

You have to switch off your WiFi or mobile data that you are using and turn it on again. 

Open your browser and enjoy browsing without revealing your identity.

Private proxies vs Shared proxies

You will get the option to select between private and shared proxy browser for Android. 

Here is a comparison to make selection easier for you.

  1.     Private proxy is assigned to only one user while shared proxy is shared among many users
  2.     Private proxy is fast but shared proxy can have technical issues
  3.     Private proxies are reliable and secure
  4.     You cannot trust all providers of private proxy but with shared proxy you can check reviews to find the best one.
  5.     Shared proxies are affordable while private proxies are very expensive.

Free Proxies vs Paid Proxies

To help you select the best proxy for Android here is a comparison between free and paid proxies. 

  Free Proxy Paid Proxy
Security Good High
Speed Good but sometimes crowded Consistent
Privacy Low Great
Stability Mixed Steady
Reliability (depends on provider) Low High
System compatibility Low High
Cost Free Expensive


Make sure that you select the best proxy and arrange your Android proxy settings properly so you can enjoy secure and anonymous browsing.