Microsoft Edge is the leading browser and it does support compatible Microsoft Edge proxy. In fact, people use proxies for a number of reasons, and some of them are:

To Surf Anonymously

Proxies are known for their ability to anonymize the user or the web traffic. It is important to use the edge proxy, especially if you are a professional or an employee and carrying out any office task.

People use proxies to hide their identity, their sources, their partners and their clients. Moreover, you can also protect your current development and research by using the edge proxy or by surfing anonymously on the internet.

By-Pass Country Specific Content

A lot of content is hidden from us or is not accessible to us due to the geo restrictions and regulations, mostly due to the copyright and network regulations. Using an edge proxy basically hides your IP address and also the identity so the sites cannot access your location.

Hence, allowing you to by-pass the country specific restrictive content. For instance, the good example of it is the Now TV outside the UK. Moreover, people are also able to bypass the network restricted content, in educational institutes, such as the schools.

To Hide Identity

This is one of the best advantages of using the Microsoft edge proxy or any other kind of proxy. It hides your identity or the IP address. This way, the website you are visiting is not able to log into your location or the IP address. Hence, you can browse anonymously.

This can protect your identity and from the cyber criminals or hackers who can go the extra mile and can steal your information using the IP address.

How to Configure Proxies on Microsoft Edge – Proxy Settings Panel

These are the steps for enabling the Microsoft edge proxy:

  1. Click on the Windows icon.
  2. Then, click on the Settings icon.
  3. Select the Internet and network set-up option.
  4. Select the Internet options after clicking on the Ethernet.
  5. Click the connections tab, after the Internet Properties window opens.
  6. Move to the bottom of the window and click on the LAN settings.
  7. Check the box which says ‘Use a Proxy server for your LAN’.
  8. Then click on OK.
  9. If you have made some changes in the Microsoft edge proxy setting, click on Apply, and then OK.
  10. Test the settings by browsing on the internet or visiting two separate websites.

High Quality Private Proxies for Microsoft Edge – A Comparison Between Free and Shared Proxies

High quality private proxies are used by a single entity, a single person or a single person while free proxies are used by thousands of people. It is essential to use private proxies for Microsoft edge due to their high security, efficiency and reliability. While, shared or free proxies have no security, reliability or efficiency.

They do not even reduce the load time when browsing the internet. Public or shared proxies do not usually work and when they do, they are really slow and usually crash. Moreover, by using the public proxies, you are taking the risk of handing over your private information to the cyber criminals and hackers.


Using private proxies is an efficient way to browse the internet anonymously and to hide or protect your information from the cyber criminals and hackers.